Friday, April 6, 2012

My Cleaning Schedule

Here is a closer look at my cleaning schedule:

Daily Chores:
   -Make Beds
   -Empty Dishwasher
   -Laundry (I try to aim for at least 1 load per day)
   -Wipe Off Counters/Kitchen Table
   -Sweep Floors (At least the Kitchen and Traffic Areas)
   -Empty Trash
   -Plan for Next Day
   -Quick Pick Up/Straighten

Weekly Chores:

*Monday: I use this day as a "catch-up" day from my slacking over the weekend. I try to get chores finished during the week so that I have the weekend free for family time. I go from room to room putting items back in their place and getting the house in order so that it is easier to clean the rest of the week. I also use this day as my main laundry day. I try to do at least one load per day during the week, but somehow it still manages to pile up on me.

*Tuesday: Clean the Bathrooms. I wipe down the mirrors, counters, bathtubs/showers, toilets and sweep and mop the floors. My bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room floors are all ceramic tile so I mop these floors this day as well while I already have my wet jet mop out.

*Wednesday: Dust living areas, sweep and mop hardwood floors. It makes sense to me to dust a room and then clean the floor in that same room. I dust both living rooms and both dining rooms and then sweep and mop the hardwood floors in these same rooms along with the hallway and entry way.

*Thursday: Dust bedrooms, vacuum carpets. We have four bedrooms and they are the only rooms with carpet. I dust each bedroom, then go back and vacuum all of them. While I have the vacuum out, I vacuum the two area rugs in the living rooms.

*Friday: Since Friday is pay day for my husband, this is the day I use to pay bills. I also balance our bank accounts and file any papers, receipts etc. This is also usually my menu planning day.

*Saturday: FAMILY DAY! No chores unless something become messy. And with 2 young boys, something is bound to be messy. But if I can live with it for a few days then I try to let it go.

*Sunday: Another family day with the exception of clipping coupons.

Monthly/As Needed Chores:
   -Clean Windows
   -Dust Baseboards
   -Dust Blinds
   -Vacuum Along Edges of Bedrooms
   -Move & Sweep Under Furniture
   -Organize/Straighten Closets
   -Organize Kids Toys/Donate or Toss Unneeded Items
   -Change A/C Filter
   -Bathe dogs/Give Flea Meds
   -Wash Dog Beds
   -Organize Kitchen Cabinets/Pantry
   -Steam Mop Tile Floors
   -Clean Upholstery
   -Spot Clean Carpets
   -Dust A/C Vents
   -Dust Ceiling Fans
   -Clean Out Freezers
   -Vacuum Mattresses
   -Wash Area Rugs

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