Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Happy New Edition

The other day I posted about the loss of two of our pets. The original post can be found here.  It was a very hard thing for our family, especially Jaxson. That's why we decided to rescue another cat from the shelter.

When we first walked up to the cats, Jaxson immediately went to a small, gray cat named Shadow. My husband and I observed for a few minutes, and it really seemed like the cat was just as drawn to Jaxson as he was to it. I wanted to make sure we took home the pet that was right for us, meaning it had to get along well with small children as well as large dogs. I asked the gentlemen who was working to rule out some cats that would not do well in a home with the dogs and kids. He narrowed it down to 4 cats for us, one of them was Shadow. We asked Jaxson to choose a cat, and Shadow it was. We were able to  take the cat into a room to see how they interacted. All seemed well so Shadow came home with us.

To be honest, I was hesitant. Shadow had been adopted previously, and the family brought her back saying they couldn't afford her. I was afraid maybe the cat had been a problem in some way, maybe scratching furniture or something. She definitely proved me wrong, she has been amazing. She wasn't fazed by the dogs at all, does well with the children, and is very loving (which was important to my husband). She has very quickly fit right in to the family.

Jaxson has renamed her "Happy" and so far, the name definitely fits.

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